Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time is Money but Commitment brings Success

Hello everyone, It has been a while since my last post. Earning online wasn't easy as first thought by me. It's a hard committed journey. And I learned it the hard way around. Their was even a time when I felt giving up because the earnings had no growth and I was putting so much time into this. Especially looking at others earnings and "testimonials" you tend to frown at your dwindling earnings. And starts to feel insecure on this journey. But something that does happen with time is (if you already established your blog firmly) is that you get more visitors from various sources to your blog. And this in return increases your earnings. Its not a magical increase but enough to give your confidence back.

I recently read another blogger's post who had put up a post saying that he had crossed the $1000 earning per MONTH. And no need to say I read so many of these posts, but it was at the last minute that something caught my eye. It was in the form a reply by the blogger to a comment asking how he managed such a feat. The answer he gave was fabulous, in that he had replied that he didn't set up a blog over night and earn money from this system within a month, infact this feat had taken him 3 YEARS!!! Some might frown at this time frame, many would argue that they could do better. May be they could or may be they won't. But the commitment the blogger showed to hang on to his blog for 3 years with commitment shows how much is left for us to grow. He consistently replied to his comments saying he still has to learn from this great system. This is very true.

Their are many "Gurus" and "masters" online who say they have cracked the code to adsense or will share their life experience for 'X' amount of cash. But the real fact is, there are no shortcut to success. You go to do it the hard way around. One who finds "shortcut" methods won't last long. We are on our own in this journey, So have a firm idea, a strong blog and with some good commitment and with time you will be rewarded.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Growing Your Success With Facebook..!!

Ever thought of facebook as a money making opportunity for you, other than wasting our day commenting, stalking and updating your self online, well you might wanna give it some thought after all.. Facebook has over 350 million users world wide and counting, and for sure facebook can help your business or site to grow.. BUT CAN YOU..?!

Facebook growth and revenue numbers are all on the rising end.. it has no where to go but up. But unfortunately facebook is social site and not business or a marketing site.. many people come there to check what's taking place around them and their friends. Some aren't even remotely interested in any other thing once there on facebook land. For example.. some of my grateful readers "shared" the content on other popular sites for their friends and other users to read.. and most of the time facebook take back stage, while sites like stumble upon and twitter take top seat. Not to mention spamming on facebook is strictly not allowed. And facebook can sometimes be very punishing on rule breakers and spammers..!!!

So does this mean facebook is utterly useless for website owners and affiliate marketers..?! Well not quite, while you may not have the luxury of tapping facebook users the way you like, you can certainly try to do it.. the Facebook style..:) I'm of course talking about facebook ads.. alright okay.. before you come to any conclusions already on this let me tell you something first.. facebook ads are more attracting than other PPC ads, advertiser has tons of targeting options ranging from sex, age, relationship status, and many more. So if you really want to categorically target specif users for your site or product then facebook ads is your best choice. it certainly costs money, but its bound to be a well worth investment. So try it out and see if it works for you.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Infolinks - The Next Generation Of Advertising

For many years the methods of online advertising was through banner ads, pop-ups and Pay Per Click (PPC) and they are very much active even to date. These methods of advertising over the internet brought new turn a rounds in the advertising industry, as we all know the PPC advertising method alone is now a billion dollar plus business. But just like humans evolved with time, so does methods of advertising and the new method of PPC advertising has emerged and is known as "In Text Advertising". In Text Advertising basically means pieces of plain text in your web/blog converted into advertising links. And a company that has been dominating this In text advertising field is "Infolinks".

Infolinks is a new found wealth to many. Infolinks offers the next generation of In Text Advertising, for your website, leading the industry with the most relevant Pay Per Click In Text advertising links and the highest revenue share for publishers. This gives bloggers (big or small) a new way to earn revenue from their content instead of relying solely advertising space.. Infolinks takes pride in being a leader in In text advertising, and publishers and advertisers alike our happy with the services provided.

Here are some common questions tackled..

Is Infolinks Legit.. Or is it a scam..?!

Infolinks is very much real. And there are no scams involved in anyway. Infolinks is a legitimate online advertising company, Just like Adsense. And there are tens and thousands of people that were paid by Infolinks for their services.

So how does Infolinks work..??

Infolinks intelligently scans your web pages using a unique algorithm and converts carefully selected keywords into cost-per-click (CPC) In-Text ads. Then, Infolinks automatically inserts highly relevant In-Text ads into your website’s content, leading to record high conversion rates.

Each time your website visitors click on an In-Text ad, you get paid. They seek the advertisers, you get the revenues, and they make sure you keep most of it with the industry’s highest revenue share offer.

Is Infolinks available to all..?? Can Anyone from Anywhere Join In..??

Yes.. Anyone from any country that has web/blog space with good socially accepted content can join in. Infolinks platform is open to any online publisher, big or small, with no setup fees, no minimum requirements for page views or visitors and no hidden commitments.

For more detailed answers to your questions go to Infolinks FAQ section here

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Big Reason Why You May See Lower Ad Earning Results

With today's ever growing internet community, more and more people are getting ad-blindness. This is their inability to spot the ads more effectively or ignoring it as a whole. Nowadays many people even use Ad-blocker scripts and add-ons to stop displaying their adds while their browsing. Some mad people even PAY to get such "Pro" softwares. What they do or do not understand is that by this method their depriving the web owner of revenue, which he uses for his benefit and of course to maintain the site with quality. I think it really breaks the cause of internet marketing. I mean seriously with more and more ad-blocker scripts, softwares and add-ons available in the market how are websites ever gonna make money, especially those who rely solely on PPC/PPV ad revenue from their site. This is a great reason why many AdSense and other ad network users see less earning results these days. And seeing the ever growing amount of people using such programs, it will soon be a fight for revenue from PPC ad networks in the future. I think people should stop using ad-blocker programs, because it will definitely kill some ones hard earned revenue from their websites. But it is also important to remember that there are still millions of global internet users that don't use such programs, so it's not "all out" yet..:)

This cartoon tells the full story in a picture.. (image credit:

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