Saturday, February 27, 2010

Adsense Banned..!!! Yikess… Now what..???

Put it in simple words this means termination of your Adsense account for good. This means a great way for you to make some cash over the internet is lost. Some of the more famous reasons for Adsense account to be banned are possibly due to one of the following reasons

- You clicked on your own ads or encouraged others to click on your ads
- Your website content were against Google’s Terms of Service (TOS) e.g. illegal stuffs like warez nulled scripts or copyrighted material or even both.
- Modifying the Adsense JavaScript
- Or a host of other reasons that’s not mentioned here. Read the full AdSense policy for further details

I've spent some time on the official Adsense Support Forums and I'd say 90% of the people who ask why their accounts were disabled have an obvious violation of the program policies on their web site. After a few questions, some finally admit that they or their friends clicked on the ads. And most of those people claim that their accounts were disabled for "no reason", even though if they had read the program policies the reason would be obvious. Those who "inadvertently" violated the policies almost always did so because they didn't bother to read and understand the rules.

So it's likely that some people get their accounts unfairly disabled, but that number is almost certainly very small. People are allowed to appeal after their accounts are disabled, and some of them do have their accounts restored, so there is justice in Google-land. But people who appeal without even bothering to try to figure out what might have caused their account to be disabled are almost never successful.

Now do not scan these words to see if there is a solution to restore your Adsense account, because there isn’t. So don’t get your hopes up to magically reactivate your Adsense account. You can appeal to Google Adsense about your termination but it won’t do any good if you knowingly broke the rules, so don’t even waste your time trying… Seriously.

But saying that Google Adsense is NOT the only way to monetize your web space. Google is no doubt the market leader when it comes to online marketing, but there are many other networks that offer similar services to that of Google Adsense. Some of the more good alternatives are;-

- Yahoo Publisher Network (Now hosted by Chitika)– Most people are turning to Chitika YPNO (Yahoo! Publisher Network Online self-service program) advertising is mainly due to their broad ad network across the web and of its already established "Yahoo" followers and users. And in some cases it is reported Chitika YPNO earnings for their site is better than Google’s but this claim is challenged by many. It all depends on the niche you eye on.

- AdBrite - Another good alternative to Google AdSense. More and more "rule breakers" are joining this ad program to increase their revenue. It has a variety of advertising methods lined up for their publishers. This is still a growing ad network, so your earnings may not be as great as it was with Google, but its still "do-able".

- BidVertiser– This network is a great alternative to both Google AdSense and Chitika YPNO. This network is currently groing rapidly, and offer similar services to that of Google and Chitika YPNO. Sign up is instant, and with its referral program it offers more broad earning opportunities to the publisher. This network has sunk in with many AdSense banned members.

- AdOnion – This Ad network is more famous with forum builders who own forums that have no control over niche or published content. This network offers many different methods of advertising to their publishers but some viewers are turned down by their excessive advertising methods. But you can control the type of ads you want to display, so you have all the tools with this network too.

Find the reasons for your AdSense application rejection here in detail and some possible precautionary measures you can take before applying for adsense

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