Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do Banner Ads Work..??

Yes, they do work and is a very reliable method of advertising to gain a solid income. Banner ads ROCK if done properly, which means you should know what your doing. Banner ads are unique and if your the owner of the site you have absolute control of the pricing of ad space, and most of the time advertisers listen out to you. Although PPC advertising is widely recognized and accepted as a medium for advertisers, many underestimate the true potential in banner ads. It offers great chances to both Advertisers and Publishers.

For advertisers - Banner ads could lead to better results than PPC. And since the banner is designed by the advertiser they have the liberty to customize and design the ad to specifically target and grab the users attention. That means you will get better quality, targeted traffic to your website than limited word PPC ads. But banner ad space is never cheap, especially if your targeting user with high buying potential, which means you will have to advertise on sites which has high quality traffic with a stable niche, where prices will start at $4500-$5000 (US Dollars) per month (remember this is a very high end example.. prices vary from site to site, ad space, contract period and company/product value, so don't worry there will be other sites that accept banner ads for lower prices..).

Remember results are not guaranteed, success of your ads and end product depends on you, but the initial investment is pretty much very high. If done properly with proper designing and targeting you will see great results. Its risky, yes... but if done properly, you will be enjoying great success..:)

For publishers - Publishers can benefit a lot from banner ads too, unlike PPC ads where you have to wait till someone clicks on your ads to receive a payment. Banner are most of the time priced per month on a fixed price, so that means for publishers that at the end of the month
you will get your money no matter how the ad performed on your site (usually results are guaranteed). Since your the boss, you have the power to dictate terms and prices to the advertiser, because it is them who want to advertise on your site.. (don't over do it though.. you might blow away the opportunity that came looking for you..?! :-P)

But as always.. the downside of banner ads is, advertisers mainly look for sites that are already set and can offer good results to their ad. So if your just starting out or have been in the business a while but still not set in.. then usually advertiser don't even bother to use banner ads on your site, simply because your site doesn't offer what the advertisers look for. Hey.. but who knows, a local company that's also just starting out may be interested in tapping into cheap form of advertising and may contact you to advertise on your site..:) things like this do happen, so it very well could be you.

Just a small warning to publishers though, people visit your site for the content and for what your site offers and not just for the ads, so don't get carried away by the income generated from banner ads and cramp the site with ads in every possible corner you can, this will turn off your users and in the long run it could very well lead to loosing your sites quality and ad space value. See example below..

So as you heard banner ads DO work.. It can bring you great results. If you know what your doing, then it will be more meaningful and in the long run for publishers it could be a very lucrative opportunity..:) So if your wanting some professional help on learning how to make a income out of banner ads, I would recommend "Banner Ad Blueprint" Find Out for yourselves how you can make income out of banner ads visit Banner Ad Blueprint here

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Google AdSense is Still the King In PPC

No matter how many ad networks you sign up with, your probably not gonna get the same results as Google AdSense. Yes, it depends on your niche, traffic, content, and etc etc... but taking the bigger picture here, as in PPC marketing as a whole, Google still leads in all fronts. Now I have signed up with more than one ad network, but so far.. the best results come from Google. Well Bidvertiser do lead in some areas and some say yahoo ads does well too, but I'm yet to see such results as such.

My start up with Google wasn't great either, so I guess it will be too early to judge my results on other PPC ad networks too. But when it comes to Google, their ad base is large so your results are probably gonna be better. But also like their good side their is the other side too, that is they have a equally large publisher network over the world wide web. This is gonna break your earnings up, especially if your starting out and your traffic isn't that good and you have trouble in putting up fresh content, then your ad results will add up in cents...:@ I'm telling you, it just gets harder, many bloggers are effected. But if you work yourself up, and a have a good niche, with quality content with a satisfactory traffic base your probably will see much higher earnings. That's a lot to swallow at first, but build it up over time then everything will fall into place. Remember don't defy the King, only you will lose. Adhere to their policies and guidelines, optimize and target your ads properly I'm sure you will see much better results.

Another thing that makes Google AdSense unique is the quality of its ads. Most of the ads shown will be related to your content. And Google has strict guidelines even for their advertisers, strictly telling them not to put up text/image based ads telling "You are our 999,999th Visitor..!! Congratulations. Click here to claim your money" Or any of those kinda rubbish ads (which turn out to be scams), so that the publisher and Google retain the trust and confidence of the sites users. Remember Google is unique and delivers the best ads in all niches (with a exception of one or two). Profit wise depends on you and your blog's performance. And a small note to remember.. Google Adsense is a rich king that has opened their doors for you to cash in, use it wisely not foolishly.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Are Text Ads Better Than Image Ads

Are text ads far more effective than image ads on any ad network..??
Well actually this topic is up for debate on many points of view, mainly on topics such as your content, page ranking, amount of traffic to your site and more importantly on your niche. These steps decide how much you earn even if you have text based ads.

Image based ads - are more attractive than text based ads. It has unique colors and so its easy to spot by the reader. And most likely the visitor will be attracted to the ad which then generates revenue for you. And if your content is more image based (eg: Wallpaper site) then you are far better off putting image ads rather than text ads. You can try out putting text ads on a site like that too, but its more sensible to use image ads on a image site. But on the down side, image ads will show only ONE ad type on the ad unit regardless of its dimensions, where as text ads will show about 3 or 4 types of ads on a ad unit. So if a person is not interested on the shown image ad, your losing out on it then.

Text based ads - although not stylish and attractive as image ad, it does however have its value. Text ad colors can be easily be created to blend in or in contrast to your site by you. This depends on the theme and layout of your site/blog. Text ads offer the reader 3-4 different ads, so it gives the reader different choice of ads giving the publisher a better chance of earning.

In a short answer to the question.. Yes text ads are better. But that does not mean image ads are ineffective. There are more than one instances where sites earn more from their image ads than from their text ads. So it all depends on the sites content and niche. If the site is more towards an image content go for image ads. Otherwise go in for a blend of text or image ads. Where the type of ad will selected by the network to be shown in your site randomly.

Don't fear. Mix and match. See what suits you best.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A-B-C of Niche Marketing

Niche marketing in simple words is directly marketing out your own/affiliate product to a targeted audience. A good real world comparison would between an local pharmacy and a grocery store, so if a person wants to buy vegetables he/she will go to the grocery store. But if a person is looking to buy medicine he/she will shop at the pharmacy. So the niche of the pharmacy is medicine and the grocery store are vegetables. This topic is bit twisted to explain using online values as examples, but this would be more or less correct definition of online niche marketing as well.

Niche marketing is found out to be widely effective if done correctly. What this type of marketing does is, it brings potential buyers directly to your own/affiliate product. And the customers come looking for the product instead of you going after them to sell it. But to do it right it takes some effort. Finding a niche is easy but finding a PROFITABLE niche market is a little harder.

First and most importantly research your niche market throughly. Pick a strong and vibrant niche you know about. Remember the niche market is growing in numbers and value $$$. The world wide web is crawling with thousands of users with buying potential everyday so there are many marketing opportunities for your niche. So if your niche is sports, look into the topic, research about it through keywords, search results, on forums etc. Also very importantly find out who your competitors are, what are there strong and weak points. Analyze your market. Be strong on your niche when you step in to the market.

Secondly target the right audience. This is where most niche marketers go wrong, they target the wrong customers with their product. Remember if your niche is about sports, market your product/services to people looking for these exact services.. not to people looking for sport cars or any other non relevant customers to your product. So target the right audience for your product. Targeting the right audience will have better results.

Lastly evolve with the niche market. Niche market is growing constantly and for you to stand out of your competitors you need to change with the market. See what new competitors have entered the market on your niche. Find out your strength and weakness in the market. Improve your standing in the market.

If you researched and analyzed well on your niche and marketed it efficiently to a targeted audience on a strong scale you will soon see profits. But don't loose yourself by trying to target high paying niche market as soon as you begin because there are thousands of others doing the same stupid mistake. You can work yourself up to the high paying niche market by putting in some good hard work.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to Cut Credit Card Debt

Spending too much on your Credit Card. Do the Bills keep stacking up..?? Want some easy tips to counter that..?!? Then read on..:)

As we all know with the evolution of payment methods, credit has taken top seat in all parts of the world. Some people can rarely do without there credit cards. With internet becoming market place its just adds to the credit cards final total $$$. Some people have no idea about their spending until the dreaded bill comes.. and then all hell breaks loose. Thats why i thought i'l give you few "solutions" for that ever growing head-ache.

One major thing you have to keep in mind is your creditor is probably very willing to work with you. Its in their best interest to have you making some payment versus no payment. So here are a couple points to help you deal with your credit card debt.

The First thing you have to do is simply contact your creditor and let them know your situation. Ask for a lower interest rate or a repayment plan. You might not have thought of it because you're just naturally so polite but its a very good strategy to be courteous at all times when negotiating with your creditor. Polite, but firm. Come across as one who knows what you're asking for and expect to get it. If you're not sure what you're asking for in the first place you might consider a reputable credit counseling service. There's a lot of great, honest organizations out there whose mission is to help you work things out with your creditors.

Next you've GOT to stop using your cards. This is actually one of the hardest parts of cutting your credit card debt. Its like you're addicted to spending money you don't have. So go cold turkey and drop the habit.

Then Start paying.. the ones with the highest interest rate first and work from there. How do you do that? Concentrate on those high interest rate cards by paying more than the minimum balance each month. The minimum is just designed to keep you on the hook longer anyway. The credit card companies are in this business to make a profit and want to have you paying them for years to come. Even a little extra each month makes a big difference in the long run.

Lastly, keep your chin up and have a good attitude. Millions of folks just like you have begun to cut their credit card debt by following the common sense steps outlined above. You can do it too. Good luck.

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