Friday, March 19, 2010

Are Text Ads Better Than Image Ads

Are text ads far more effective than image ads on any ad network..??
Well actually this topic is up for debate on many points of view, mainly on topics such as your content, page ranking, amount of traffic to your site and more importantly on your niche. These steps decide how much you earn even if you have text based ads.

Image based ads - are more attractive than text based ads. It has unique colors and so its easy to spot by the reader. And most likely the visitor will be attracted to the ad which then generates revenue for you. And if your content is more image based (eg: Wallpaper site) then you are far better off putting image ads rather than text ads. You can try out putting text ads on a site like that too, but its more sensible to use image ads on a image site. But on the down side, image ads will show only ONE ad type on the ad unit regardless of its dimensions, where as text ads will show about 3 or 4 types of ads on a ad unit. So if a person is not interested on the shown image ad, your losing out on it then.

Text based ads - although not stylish and attractive as image ad, it does however have its value. Text ad colors can be easily be created to blend in or in contrast to your site by you. This depends on the theme and layout of your site/blog. Text ads offer the reader 3-4 different ads, so it gives the reader different choice of ads giving the publisher a better chance of earning.

In a short answer to the question.. Yes text ads are better. But that does not mean image ads are ineffective. There are more than one instances where sites earn more from their image ads than from their text ads. So it all depends on the sites content and niche. If the site is more towards an image content go for image ads. Otherwise go in for a blend of text or image ads. Where the type of ad will selected by the network to be shown in your site randomly.

Don't fear. Mix and match. See what suits you best.

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