Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do Banner Ads Work..??

Yes, they do work and is a very reliable method of advertising to gain a solid income. Banner ads ROCK if done properly, which means you should know what your doing. Banner ads are unique and if your the owner of the site you have absolute control of the pricing of ad space, and most of the time advertisers listen out to you. Although PPC advertising is widely recognized and accepted as a medium for advertisers, many underestimate the true potential in banner ads. It offers great chances to both Advertisers and Publishers.

For advertisers - Banner ads could lead to better results than PPC. And since the banner is designed by the advertiser they have the liberty to customize and design the ad to specifically target and grab the users attention. That means you will get better quality, targeted traffic to your website than limited word PPC ads. But banner ad space is never cheap, especially if your targeting user with high buying potential, which means you will have to advertise on sites which has high quality traffic with a stable niche, where prices will start at $4500-$5000 (US Dollars) per month (remember this is a very high end example.. prices vary from site to site, ad space, contract period and company/product value, so don't worry there will be other sites that accept banner ads for lower prices..).

Remember results are not guaranteed, success of your ads and end product depends on you, but the initial investment is pretty much very high. If done properly with proper designing and targeting you will see great results. Its risky, yes... but if done properly, you will be enjoying great success..:)

For publishers - Publishers can benefit a lot from banner ads too, unlike PPC ads where you have to wait till someone clicks on your ads to receive a payment. Banner are most of the time priced per month on a fixed price, so that means for publishers that at the end of the month
you will get your money no matter how the ad performed on your site (usually results are guaranteed). Since your the boss, you have the power to dictate terms and prices to the advertiser, because it is them who want to advertise on your site.. (don't over do it though.. you might blow away the opportunity that came looking for you..?! :-P)

But as always.. the downside of banner ads is, advertisers mainly look for sites that are already set and can offer good results to their ad. So if your just starting out or have been in the business a while but still not set in.. then usually advertiser don't even bother to use banner ads on your site, simply because your site doesn't offer what the advertisers look for. Hey.. but who knows, a local company that's also just starting out may be interested in tapping into cheap form of advertising and may contact you to advertise on your site..:) things like this do happen, so it very well could be you.

Just a small warning to publishers though, people visit your site for the content and for what your site offers and not just for the ads, so don't get carried away by the income generated from banner ads and cramp the site with ads in every possible corner you can, this will turn off your users and in the long run it could very well lead to loosing your sites quality and ad space value. See example below..

So as you heard banner ads DO work.. It can bring you great results. If you know what your doing, then it will be more meaningful and in the long run for publishers it could be a very lucrative opportunity..:) So if your wanting some professional help on learning how to make a income out of banner ads, I would recommend "Banner Ad Blueprint" Find Out for yourselves how you can make income out of banner ads visit Banner Ad Blueprint here

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