Monday, April 5, 2010

A Big Reason Why You May See Lower Ad Earning Results

With today's ever growing internet community, more and more people are getting ad-blindness. This is their inability to spot the ads more effectively or ignoring it as a whole. Nowadays many people even use Ad-blocker scripts and add-ons to stop displaying their adds while their browsing. Some mad people even PAY to get such "Pro" softwares. What they do or do not understand is that by this method their depriving the web owner of revenue, which he uses for his benefit and of course to maintain the site with quality. I think it really breaks the cause of internet marketing. I mean seriously with more and more ad-blocker scripts, softwares and add-ons available in the market how are websites ever gonna make money, especially those who rely solely on PPC/PPV ad revenue from their site. This is a great reason why many AdSense and other ad network users see less earning results these days. And seeing the ever growing amount of people using such programs, it will soon be a fight for revenue from PPC ad networks in the future. I think people should stop using ad-blocker programs, because it will definitely kill some ones hard earned revenue from their websites. But it is also important to remember that there are still millions of global internet users that don't use such programs, so it's not "all out" yet..:)

This cartoon tells the full story in a picture.. (image credit:


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