Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Infolinks - The Next Generation Of Advertising

For many years the methods of online advertising was through banner ads, pop-ups and Pay Per Click (PPC) and they are very much active even to date. These methods of advertising over the internet brought new turn a rounds in the advertising industry, as we all know the PPC advertising method alone is now a billion dollar plus business. But just like humans evolved with time, so does methods of advertising and the new method of PPC advertising has emerged and is known as "In Text Advertising". In Text Advertising basically means pieces of plain text in your web/blog converted into advertising links. And a company that has been dominating this In text advertising field is "Infolinks".

Infolinks is a new found wealth to many. Infolinks offers the next generation of In Text Advertising, for your website, leading the industry with the most relevant Pay Per Click In Text advertising links and the highest revenue share for publishers. This gives bloggers (big or small) a new way to earn revenue from their content instead of relying solely advertising space.. Infolinks takes pride in being a leader in In text advertising, and publishers and advertisers alike our happy with the services provided.

Here are some common questions tackled..

Is Infolinks Legit.. Or is it a scam..?!

Infolinks is very much real. And there are no scams involved in anyway. Infolinks is a legitimate online advertising company, Just like Adsense. And there are tens and thousands of people that were paid by Infolinks for their services.

So how does Infolinks work..??

Infolinks intelligently scans your web pages using a unique algorithm and converts carefully selected keywords into cost-per-click (CPC) In-Text ads. Then, Infolinks automatically inserts highly relevant In-Text ads into your website’s content, leading to record high conversion rates.

Each time your website visitors click on an In-Text ad, you get paid. They seek the advertisers, you get the revenues, and they make sure you keep most of it with the industry’s highest revenue share offer.

Is Infolinks available to all..?? Can Anyone from Anywhere Join In..??

Yes.. Anyone from any country that has web/blog space with good socially accepted content can join in. Infolinks platform is open to any online publisher, big or small, with no setup fees, no minimum requirements for page views or visitors and no hidden commitments.

For more detailed answers to your questions go to Infolinks FAQ section here

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